Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (Intrada SE) (2007)

Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (Intrada SE) (2007)
Artist: Jerry Goldsmith
Album: Alien (Intrada SE)
Year: 2007 (1979 original soundtrack)
Genre: soundtrack, orchestral
Codec: FLAC
Rip type: tracks, cue
Encoding: lossless
Duration: 2:06:21
Size: 700 Mb

The main reason why the music for Alien has taken so long to receive proper treatment on album is because of these extremely sticky circumstances of the score's creation and dismemberment. Only in 2007 did Alien experience a proper album release (from Intrada Records, a champion of Goldsmith's work), and it is based upon this presentation of all of the music that Goldsmith wrote for the production. Outside of motifs, Goldsmith's music for Alien is distinctly unnerving and largely atmospheric. He generates an intriguing balance between wonder and tension in his plucky string techniques, often relying upon the electronic mutation of this section as well for added suspense.

Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (Intrada SE) (2007) Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (Intrada SE) (2007) Jerry Goldsmith - Alien (Intrada SE) (2007)


1. Main Title
2. Hyper Sleep
3. The Landing
4. The Terrain
5. The Craft
6. The Passage
7. The Skeleton
8. A New Face
9. Hanging On
10. The Lab
11. Drop Out
12. Nothing to Say
13. Cat Nip
14. Here Kitty
15. The Shaft
16. It's a Droid
17. Parker's Death
18. The Eggs
19. Sleepy Alien
20. To Sleep
21. The Cupboard
22. Out the Door
23. End Title
24. Main Title [Rescored Alternate Cue]
25. Hyper Sleep [Rescored Alternate Cue]
26. The Terrain [Rescored Alternate Cue]
27. The Skeleton [Rescored Alternate Cue]
28. Hanging On [Rescored Alternate Cue]
29. The Cupboard [Rescored Alternate Cue]
30. Out the Door [Rescored Alternate Cue]

1. Main Title
2. The Face Hugger
3. Breakaway
4. Acid Test
5. The Landing
6. The Droid
7. The Recovery
8. The Alien Planet
9. The Shaft
10. End Title
11. Main Title (Film Version) [Bonus Track]
12. The Skeleton (Alternate Take) [Bonus Track]
13. The Passage (Demonstration Excerpt) [Bonus Track]
14. Hanging On (Demonstration Excerpt) [Bonus Track]
15. Parker's Death (Demonstration Excerpt) [Bonus Track]
16. It's a Droid (Unused Inserts) [Bonus Track]
17. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Source) [Bonus Track]

All CD covers included.

Featured musicians:
Composed by Jerry Goldsmith
Conducted by Lionel Newman
Performed by The English National Philarmonic Orchestra
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